Vuoi conoscere le risposte alle 23 domande classiche che mi fanno in salone? Sicuramente tra queste c'è anche la tua

Want to know the answers to the 23 classic questions they ask me in the salon? Surely yours is one of them

1 ..." To what extent can hair loss be considered "normal"?"

It is physiological to lose up to a maximum of 100 hairs a day for thicker hair.

The hair that falls out has reached the end of its growth cycle and is replaced by new hair produced by the hair bulbs within the follicles.

Hair loss increases in autumn and spring, increases in periods of high stress, and is certainly favored by the repeated use of chemical and mechanical agents such as: shampoo, dye, comb, brush, etc.

If the anomalous hair loss continues over time, or even hair thinning begins to be noticed, it means that we are in the presence of an alteration of the hair regrowth cycle which requires an intense treatment program (3 – 4 applications per week of KRESCITA anti-hair loss vials for a 1-2 month cycle)

2 ..." How much hair is on the head?"

On average, 100,000 follicles reside on our heads.

Each follicle or, better, follicular unit, hosts an average of 2/3 hairs depending on how thick the hair examined is.

In a person's lifetime, hair falls out and grows back about 20 times within each follicle.

3 ..." Why can't our hair grow beyond a certain length?"

Hair length increases over time up to a genetically determined limit.

This value mainly depends on the duration of the anagen phase of your hair regrowth cycle.

In the luckiest people this phase can last up to 5/6 years per hair and in that time the hair continues to grow.

Scalp abnormalities or problems of various kinds can greatly shorten the anagen phase and lead to premature hair loss.

4..." Does washing your hair frequently increase the risk of baldness?"

Washing, even frequent, is not the cause of hair loss before the natural end of its life cycle.

The hair we find in the shower or sink after shampooing was already on the verge of falling out ( telogen phase ) before we started washing it.

Rubs on the head only remove the now “dead” hair.

For this reason, if you wash your head after a long period of time, you will see more hair fall out than usual; but don't be alarmed because new hair is already growing in the follicles left free.

Therefore this phenomenon is entirely physiological and is not a sign of baldness, provided it is contained within the limits of a regular numerical loss, otherwise it means that there is a hair health problem which must be identified and dealt with in time.

5 ..." Does cutting hair help regrowth? Is it useful to strengthen it?"

The hair life cycle consists of three phases (Anagen, Catagen, Telogen) according to which hair is born, grows and falls out, and then reborn again.

This cycle repeats itself in each hair follicle approximately 20 times throughout an individual's life and is genetically determined.

Hair cutting or shaving has no influence on hair loss or regrowth, which at most can be influenced by scalp health problems, diet or psycho-physical state, to name a few.

Cutting or shortening doesn't even serve to strengthen the hair, since their volume and persistence over time is also determined by genes; at most, the cut only allows you to eliminate the damaged and brittle part of the hair, such as split ends.

The only indirect advantage of having short or very short hair is that in this way it is not subjected to too intense brushing and chemical abuse of various kinds.

6..." I feel itchy hair and pain in my scalp, what does that mean?"

The sensation of itching in the head and pain in the scalp is often a sign of an anomaly that is altering the normal process of hair production and growth.

Dandruff and excess sebum are the most common causes of this sensation, often caused by a yeast that proliferates on our scalp: Malassezia.

The factors that generate dandruff and seborrhea, or sometimes both phenomena on the same scalp, are many and not easy to analyse.

Stress, poor blood micro-circulation at the root level or, in the case of sensitive skin, pollution and dust are just some of the possible causes.

If, for example, the itching is due to excessive sebum production, it is useless to scratch or rub your head hard while washing, you only risk damaging the scalp and hair.

Using poor quality commercial products sometimes makes the situation worse.

The only wise thing to do is to rely on the use of our products capable of giving a precise result for the condition of hair health and possibly develop a personalized treatment in the salon according to the customer's characteristics and the extent of the anomaly .

7 ..." Is it correct to wash your hair every day?"

It doesn't hurt to wash your hair daily, indeed it is advisable to do it as soon as your scalp feels itchy.

Our advice is to apply a small amount of shampoo and, if possible, use specific products for frequent washing.

8..." Does wearing a helmet or hat cause hair to fall out?"

Covering the head is not considered a possible cause of hair loss and in some cases, for example to protect the scalp from excessive doses of solar radiation or in highly polluted urban areas, it is even desirable.

9..." Does gel cause hair loss?"

Gel and all cosmetic hair products, such as hairspray, shampoo, conditioner, etc., are not the cause of hair loss or thinning, as it does not penetrate the follicle, clogging it but if the products are not of excellent quality and sulphate-free (sles) or parabens can weaken it over time and make it more fragile and subject to breakage.

10 ..." Does the conditioner not protect against hair loss?"

The conditioner is an excellent product that protects the hair from environmental damage making it soft and shiny, but it is absolutely not among the anti-hair loss agents, therefore it has no prevention role.

11 ..." Does swimming pool water containing chlorine cause hair loss?"

Chlorine is not one of the causes of hair loss and has nothing to do with thinning hair, at most it can damage the stem and favor the appearance of split ends.

12 ..." Are dyes or perms causes hair loss?"

These treatments, if carried out correctly, are not harmful to the scalp (unless there is an individual allergy), nor do they cause hair loss.

If anything, they can damage the hair shaft making it more fragile and disposed to the onset of split ends and other alterations of the hair structure that's why our MYCOLOR color does not contain ammonia and in addition we have added Argan oil which has a nourishing and protective in the exposure time (40 minutes).

13 ..." Does eating certain foods increase the risk of baldness?"

There is no food that can cause hair loss. If anything, a diet lacking in important nutrients can weaken the hair and promote its fall.

14..." Can dandruff accelerate hair loss?"

Dandruff is an abnormality of the scalp and can become a factor that increases hair loss.

It is certainly advisable to treat it adequately by undergoing weekly treatments in the salon for a cycle of 2 applications per week for at least 1 month and at the same time washing your hair at home with our PURIFY shampoo.

15 ..." In my family my father and my grandfather are bald or almost bald. I am worried: is baldness hereditary?"

The predisposition to baldness, as genetics teaches, certainly has a hereditary component that generally affects the male line.

However, there is no certain heredity: the descendant of a bald family is not necessarily bald and may never even be affected by thinning hair, on the contrary, one can be affected by baldness descending from a long-haired family.

What is certain is that in a family where baldness and thinning hair are common, the chances of avoiding premature hair loss are considerably reduced, but this does not exclude that it can happen.

It's a matter of chance and luck, but also hair care and prevention.

If at the first signs of hair thinning, the emergence of receding hairlines or scalp anomalies, you start a treatment of 2 targeted treatments a week for 3 months, there is a good chance of being able to keep your hair thick enough for a long time. time.

16 ..." I'm young and I'm already starting to have balding hairlines. Does early balding mean that I will soon go bald?"

Receding hairline at a young age is certainly a symptom of a possible early baldness.

This doesn't mean that more pronounced hair loss at the beginning can't be contained again over the years.

We are not given to know.

Beyond this, the receding hairline signals a hair or scalp health problem that should be carefully analyzed immediately to clarify which anomalies are accelerating and compromising the hair formation cycle.

Intervening in time, in these cases, is decisive to stop the progress of the receding hairline and prevent premature baldness, as well as recover the hair that has not yet been definitively lost, but only miniaturized and reduced to Vellus hair.

17 ..." I have noticed that there are periods in which I lose a lot of hair and others in which the loss is limited. What could it be due to?"

It is considered normal to fall up to about 100 hairs per day.

However, the hair renewal process is influenced by various factors, including: seasonality, general physical and psychological health, food and hygiene habits, and so on.

18 ..." I am going through a moment of great psychological stress and I notice that my gray hair is increasing. When the stress is over, will my gray hair stop appearing too?"

The mechanisms leading to the onset of gray hair (greying hair) are not well known and can, like alopecia and telogen effluvium, be caused by stress and psychological shocks.

Sometimes in periods of intense physical or mental fatigue, gray or white hair may appear, and it is said that the trend will reverse after this moment.

Proper nutrition or, alternatively, the use of suitable professional products at home can slow down the graying process.

19 ..." My friends say you can't wash your hair during the days of your menstrual cycle. But I don't mind: can it hurt?"

No, there is no reason to avoid washing your hair during your period.

20 ..." For my wedding I would like to have my hair lengthened by applying extensions. Is there a risk that real hair could be damaged?"

In theory yes, even if a job well done limits the risks.

However, it is advisable to remove the false hair after a short time, approximately 2-3 weeks, but I still don't recommend it.

21 ..." Is smoking bad for hair? Can it promote hair loss?"

Recent scientific studies support this hypothesis and demonstrate that smoking increases the risk of hair loss and baldness.

22 ..." Is it true that drinking alcohol can weaken your hair?"


An occasional drinker of alcoholic substances need not fear for the health of their hair.

On the other hand, those who drink alcohol regularly could compromise not only the health of their liver but also that of their hair.

23..." Does testosterone cause hair loss?"

Hair loss is not caused by testosterone but rather by an enzyme (5-alpha reductase) which is responsible for synthesizing testosterone into DHT, another hormone.

Hair loss is therefore generated by the altered production of DHT by 5-alpha reductase in the skin condition defined as androgenetic alopecia.

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