ADDIO CAPELLI CRESPI, Pioggia e umidità non saranno più un problema per te

GOODBYE FRIZZY HAIR, Rain and humidity will no longer be a problem for you

Rain and frizzy hair make a lethal pair!

In fact, with humidity, frizzy hair rebels and never stays where you want it to.

This happens because the hair needs hydration and when this is lacking, the cuticles lift excessively in an attempt to absorb the humidity present in the air, thus giving life to the much hated frizz.

What causes frizzy hair?

Hair can be frizzy by nature, genetics always has a hand in it!

But often it is also wrong habits and behaviors that cause this effect.

Then when the season of rain, wind and sudden changes in temperature arrives, the hair becomes tangled and often becomes unmanageable, even risking weakening.

For those who fight these exhausting battles with straighteners, hair dryers and brushes, Crinihair recommends the keratin anti-frizz smoothing treatment, which helps to discipline the hair in depth... making it easier to manage the style at home .

In fact, with this solution not only frizz is reduced, but also the time dedicated to drying hair, always being able to count on a perfect result... for weeks!

The treatment chosen by Crinihair and proposed to its customers does not contain formaldehyde and chemicals that can damage the hair; instead, it gives the hair strength, elasticity and shine, reducing frizz by up to 70%.

The anti-frizz treatment is suitable for all hair types and helps rebuild and remodel damaged protein structures.

Rain and humidity will no longer be a concern for you!



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