“ALT!!! Patente e libretto…” Gli effetti dell’alcol…sui tuoi capelli

“STOP!!! Driving license and booklet…” The effects of alcohol…on your hair

Not only does SMOKING damage your hair!

Although we talk less about it, it is important to remember that consuming alcoholic beverages too frequently damages our hair and scalp.

That traces of alcohol abuse remain in the hair is confirmed by the fact that numerous tests to verify habitual alcohol intake are carried out on the hair itself.

In fact, our hair is a real "sponge" capable of containing the traces of our frequent drinking for months and a particular examination of the hair can establish whether we are alcohol consumers or not.

In addition to these considerations, it should be emphasized that consuming alcohol can be a contributing cause of weakening and premature hair loss when alcohol abuse becomes systematic .

The amino acids essential for the synthesis of keratin, in fact, are metabolised by the liver and the damage caused by the intake of alcohol affects the regular process of synthesis.

It is a circumstance, it should be underlined, that occurs only in cases of addiction therefore drinking an occasional glass of wine or a beer in company should not cause concern.


Zinc: the element of hair

The association between alcohol and hair loss is confirmed by the fact that habitual drinkers experience a reduction in the intake and absorption of zinc in their bodies.

Zinc is a fundamental element for healthy hair development and its lack of supply can cause a general weakening of the hair structure which does not grow properly and falls out very easily .

In fact, some scientific studies have confirmed that the association between alcohol abuse and hair loss is true and not only the hair but also the liver risks permanent damage due to alcohol.

An examination of the hair defined mineralogram is able to establish the quantity of trace elements (including zinc) present in our body in order to identify any deficiencies of these due to an unbalanced diet or excess alcohol intake.

It is an examination that involves the micro-incineration of some hair taken from our scalp and their subsequent analysis with a mass spectrophotometer.

In cases of habitual intake of alcohol (unfortunately very common among young people) the best advice is to stop taking it before creating irreversible damage to the body and to one's hair as science and trichology have shown.

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