Anche i capelli lunghi hanno bisogno di forma e movimento!

Even long hair needs shape and movement!

Talking about "cuts" for long hair is not a counter-sense, because long hair shouldn't be sloppy and left to itself, it needs a line that maintains movement and style.

Fashion promotes, for those with long hair, an ultra-chic style with smooth styling and a central parting .

The fringe never goes out of fashion , it can be straight at the height of the eyebrows, long and thin or open as a curtain (a lot depends on the features of the face).

On the sides of the face, delicate scaling can be created to give volume and movement, while maintaining a sense of lightness, because excessively full and heavy hair does not enhance the choice of a long haircut.

If on the one hand the layered cut helps thicker hair to remain light, on the other hand it allows thin hair to have movement, preventing it from flattening.

To choose the type of cut it is important to carefully evaluate the nature of the hair and the shape of the face , in order to emphasize the merits or on the contrary, in order to hide any defects and imperfections.

The long scaled cuts are ideal for slimming round and square faces and for giving greater harmony to faces with pronounced features, because they create harmony between the proportions and soften the pronounced edges.

Even those with wavy hair can count on fashionable styling, as long as the result is a natural and soft effect, impeccable curls and perfect curls are out of fashion!

For those who don't like too long hair i very long bob and long bobs are a safe choice, in this way it is possible to count on the charm of length, in a practical and easy to manage garment.

But let's take a look at the variations of these cuts!

The blunt cut it is the symmetrical and full bon ton cut, characterized by straight and clean lines.

Like the one often chosen by Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez (who, however, it must be said, change their look so often that it becomes difficult to keep up with them).

The collarbone cut it is instead the asymmetrical and voluminous variant of the lob (recently chosen by Jiulia Roberts) and reaches the height of the collarbones.

It's shorter in the back and layered for movement.

Do you feel more oriented towards a rock look?

The swag is the solution for you!

A cut that recalls the trends of the 70s, with jagged and layered lengths, which can be customized for each client.

As you have seen, long hair is not monotonous at all and you don't necessarily need to cut everything to look different! 

Long cuts give the possibility to play and change, they are simple and modern at the same time, sophisticated and natural, or grunge and wild ...

it all depends on how they will be combined with the style and personality of each woman!

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