Caduta dei capelli in estate: quali sono i rischi?

Hair loss in summer: what are the risks?

Finally summer has arrived .

Long sunny days make our mood more positive and going out with friends becomes a daily habit.

But is our hair ready for summer?

In this season the pitfalls are different from those of spring but still lurking.

It is therefore good to know them before leaving for the holidays.


Let's start with summer women's fashion: natural lightening .

This practice, in addition to being particularly popular in the summer months, presents risks for our hair due to the discoloration that must be carried out to achieve it.

This delicate procedure must always be performed by expert hairdressers otherwise there is the risk of damaging the hair, making it brittle and with a tendency to have a "straw effect".

Not only fashions can be our hair's worst enemy.

Sun and salt air are the main causes of the weakening of our hair in the summer.

The sun has a deleterious effect on hair health as it makes them dry, brittle and weak, while salt has the power to penetrate the hair, weakening it.

These factors, added to a predisposition to fall, can lead to a substantial loss of hair in the summer.

In addition to the saltiness also the swimming pool chlorine it is one of the possible threats that can weaken hair in the summer.

In fact, chlorine is used as a disinfectant for the water in the tanks in a greater percentage when they are outdoors and reduces the hydrolipidic film of the cuticle, which has the function of protect the hair shaft by external agents.

The cuticle is the first layer to be damaged by this element, making the hair appear dull, dull, dry and brittle.

Finally, chlorine also has a bleaching action , leading to a change in the color of the hair (blondes turn green and browns tend to become reddish).

Anticipating weakening factors is crucial.

Protecting our hair from the sun's rays, paying attention to our diet, using delicate shampoos enriched with moisturizing factors and masks can help slow down the weakening process, but the first tip is to carefully choose the specific products for your hair type before leaving for the holidays, in order to protect the health of your hair and keep the hair fiber in perfect health even during sun exposure.

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