Caduta dei capelli stagionale? Ecco perché

Seasonal hair loss? Here because

Hair loss in autumn and spring

Seasonal hair loss refers to the massive increase in the daily number of hairs falling out in spring (April/May) and autumn (September/November).

A rather common phenomenon that involves everyone, men and women.

On the other hand, the fact that hair loss intensifies above all in the autumn season is consistent with the rhythms of nature.

Autumn is in fact the season in which, faced with the stiffening of climatic conditions, animal and vegetable organisms respond with similar forms of adaptation: trees shed their leaves, animals change their coat and men lose their hair.

This common phenomenon of "falling" occurs for reasons that are not yet fully understood.

There are those who trace it back to a simple genetic inheritance that has its roots in the seasonal process of moulting of the hair typical of mammals.

Some scholars, on the other hand, believe that the variation in the ratio between hours of light and hours of darkness, affecting the hormonal balance, is the cause of hair loss .

Still others propose a more psycho-sociological explanation of the phenomenon, indicating the return to the "unhealthy" life of the city, with its negative load of work-related stress, hectic pace and air pollution, the primary cause of the increase in hair loss .

Whatever the explanation, one thing is certain, the seasonal increase in hair loss should be considered, at least in part, a physiological phenomenon of natural "return" .

Hair, in fact, has its own regrowth cycle which can last between two and six years, renewing itself around twenty times in the span of each individual's existence.

This means that each hair falls out and grows back twenty times before finally dying from atrophy of the hair follicle.

Spring and autumn do nothing but accelerate, with climate change, the life cycle of the hair, its renewal.

Distinguish between seasonal hair loss and pathological hair loss


Furthermore, losing hair is a depressing condition, it is natural for it to happen.

You can't blame anyone who, seeing increasing amounts of hair falling out, becomes alarmed and seeks specialist advice.

In autumn, even in people with thick hair, the fall can abundantly exceed the number of one hundred hairs a day, and it is natural that people who are dismayed go to specialized centres, where most often the analyzes do not reveal anomalous conditions and the fall of hair turns out to be only a seasonal phenomenon.

In these cases it is only the hair in the TELOGEN phase that falls out (we are talking about seasonal telogen effluvium), i.e. those at the end of their regrowth cycle, while the follicles are already working to produce new hair.

There are also cases, however, in which the natural seasonal increase risks hiding a real hair regrowth problem, making it more difficult to distinguish between normal and abnormal hair loss .

Sometimes, for example, the renewal of psycho-physical tensions triggered by the beginning of the working year has direct repercussions on the health of the hair.

If stress occurs in hair that is already weak by constitution, the risk of an important deterioration process is high.

Hair loss in summer: what are the causes?

Although hair loss occurs more frequently in the transitional seasons (spring and autumn), in summer many people turn to specialized trichological centers complaining of abnormal hair loss and thinning of their hair.

This circumstance should not surprise us, in the summer those suffering from hair problems can see their hair loss accentuate due to some factors that are often overlooked but which greatly affect the health of our scalp.

In particular, in the summer season our hair is greatly affected by:


In addition to affecting the health of our skin, ultraviolet rays (UV) act on our hair, making the hair brittle and weak. Many people who come to us after the summer call their hair sunburnt .


These two factors facilitate the proliferation of pathogens on our scalp which can cause micro-infections and facilitate the onset of skin diseases.


These two elements, present in the sea or in the swimming pool, have the peculiarity of making dry hair arid, giving rise to an evident anti-aesthetic effect which requires specific treatments to strengthen the hair.


To eliminate the presence of salt and chlorine we resort to frequent washing of our hair during the day.

Frequently using cleansing products that have not been tested and studied for our skin can be a reason for alteration of our scalp and a contributing cause of hair loss.


In summer, as we know, our body needs much more liquids.

Poor hydration of our body can affect the health of our hair. Furthermore, an unbalanced diet poor in essential nutrients for our skin can damage our hair.

These tips I gave you are just some of the determining factors for having healthy and resistant hair.

If, on the other hand, you want to improve it further and slow down the hair loss process, then read on because after careful analysis, we have created the first adjuvant program in hair loss prevention and I have called it KRESH ,

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