Come curare al meglio i capelli per tutta l'estate ( da Giugno a Settembre )

How to best take care of your hair throughout the summer (from June to September)

We got rid of coats, jackets and sweaters.

Even the afternoons in the dark and the cold wind are gone.

We can finally exclaim: Welcome back summer!

During this particular change of season, treatments are recommended that free from accumulated toxins and prepare body and hair for sun exposure , starting with the scrub (which yes, it is also done on the scalp!).

This treatment allows you to thoroughly eliminate product residues, oxygenate the tissues, clean the hair well, preparing it for the nourishing treatments it will receive in the coming weeks.

Because as beautiful as it is, summer is also a season full of pitfalls.

In fact, let's not forget that the sun's rays accelerate skin aging and dehydrate skin and hair.

However, the sun is not the only adversary to watch out for, there are the harmful effects of air conditioning, sand, wind, sweat, salt and chlorine.

So let's enjoy this time of year, without underestimating the consequences and adopting good habits.

You have certainly learned to protect your skin with specific sunscreen products, don't forget that your hair requires the same attention;

for this reason, after you have put on your body cream at the beach, remember to apply a spray with UVA filters to your hair .

Orient the choice of this product according to the texture of your hair: the thicker they are, the more they will need a greasy solution.

Conversely, thin hair prefers light biphasic spray solutions, to be shaken and sprayed.

On days at the beach or in the pool, we advise you to get into the good habit of rinsing your hair with fresh water after each bath , this will prevent salt and chlorine from depositing, weakening and dehydrating the hair.

Washes are inevitably more frequent these days, so choose a delicate "after sun" shampoo , to be applied with light massages and then always use the conditioner, which hydrates and softens!

Once a week instead make a moisturizing pack for a deep restructuring action.

Summer is also characterized by the pleasure of drying your hair in a natural style and fashion supports this trend.

The goal is to obtain a styling that is there, but you can't see it, natural and bright .

This applies both to the crease and soft hairstyles, and to the choice of colors.

The idea is not to distort your natural base, but to enhance it with reflections and shades, to enhance all colors, from blondes to browns to reds.

This summer suggests many ideas for cuts and colors, styles that are united by the search for simplicity and harmony.

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