Cosa guardano gli uomini in noi donne? ...I capelli!

What do men see in us women? ...Hair!

Have you wondered at least once in your life which part of the body was more important to attract a man .

Well, beyond the easy clichés, now a research published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology scientifically confirms that hair is one of the most loved details by men.

Well yes...

The study, carried out on a sample of 50 men and 50 women between the ages of 31 and 50, highlighted that the male gaze lingers for a long time on female hair and prefers healthy and well-groomed hair that frames the face.

Conversely, women with dull and damaged hair, therefore poorly cared for, do not attract the attention of men who consider them to be an indication of old age and low fertility.

But what are the causes that lead women's hair to get damaged and to be so little desired by men?

First, the prolonged use of wrong tinctures contain Ammonia which, over time, make the dry hair , more brittle and with a tendency to break easily.

This above all because of the low quality discolouration which is carried out between one dyeing and another and, despite me, it is not always carried out by professionals in the sector.

Second is the use of low quality straighteners and high temperature hair dryers which leads women's hair to appear very dull, lackluster and with a tendency to break easily.

My advice is to limit the use of low quality bleach and avoid stressing the hair with straighteners, hair straighteners and hair dryers unless they are top quality.

Particularly in the summertime when the hair is already subject to the effect of the sun, salt and chlorine from swimming pools and to frequent washing.

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