Doppie punte? Ecco cosa sono e cosa fare per eliminarle

Split ends? Here's what they are and how to get rid of them

Many women (and some men) complain about split ends when listing problems with their hair.

The solution most used by the majority of women for eliminate split ends And trim hair .

In some cases then, many women, arming themselves with holy patience, look for them in their own hair to eliminate them one by one and some prefer a veloatherapy treatment, i.e. a "flame" treatment to eliminate split ends, a technique used by our grandmothers.

In practice, a strand is rolled up on itself, then you take a candle and with the flame you approach the rolled strand slightly and the heat of the flame removes the split ends, but obviously it is a disused and very dangerous and risky practice, therefore my advice is to not try to do it at home, you could literally burn your whole mane.

Instead, to stem this phenomenon it is necessary carry out a prevention activity , fully understanding the causes of this aesthetic problem.

Hair with split ends

The split ends problem ( trichoptylosis ), in a similar way to other types of alteration of the shaft, is essentially a problem of deterioration of the structure and physiology of the hair.

Dry Hair and fine hair are more prone to split ends due to the constitutive weakness of the keratin structure that forms the hair.

In fact, cutting your hair is alas only a temporary solution for split ends, since, if the causes that cause the problem are not removed, it is unthinkable eliminate split ends definitively.

After the cut, during the regrowth, they will reappear as before.

The same goes for all types of brittle and/or damaged hair in various ways.


split ends thin hair

Scientific name for split ends in hair.

The hair shaft highlights forked or double ends as you mean.

Then there are two other types of very common physiological alterations they are:


brittle weak hair

The hair shaft takes the shape of a brush tip, with longitudinal fissures and nodules arranged along the entire shaft.


fine and brittle hair

The hair shaft has a rake-like branched tip.

Split Ends: Causes

The causes that can lead to the onset of split ends they are multiple and depend on all those agents that alter the entire structure of the hair making it very fragile.

The most frequent origin for this type of problem we can find it in exposure to ultra violet rays (excessive exposure without protection, to sunlight or tanning lamps).

To too dry air indoors, to chlorine in swimming pools, to low temperatures and to atmospheric pollution.

However, among the main causes responsible for split ends are undoubtedly i cosmetic hair treatments .

Styling, with the heat generated by the hair dryer, the plate or the iron, (obviously always depends on the type of equipment used, those for professional use are more suitable for frequent use and therefore have the ability to respect the hair but obviously they have been designed to be used by expert hands, so if you were to buy them, please try not to abuse them), combined with mechanical stress caused by the frequent use of a too hard brush, can compromise the integrity of the shaft leading to a “forking end” in the hair.

Even technical treatments at the hairdresser can reveal themselves aggressive and harmful to the health of the hair , especially if performed very frequently and not adequately maintained at home with specific treatments and quality products.

Finally, it is worth mentioning one's lifestyle: a healthy and correct, rich and balanced diet can certainly make the difference.

Particular attention should also be paid to incorrect habits such as smoking or alcohol intake, which undermine our health and consequently that of our hair.

How to get rid of split ends: the remedies

To counter the problem of split ends and hair that breaks easily, it is useful to suspend all chemical treatments (strong dyes, perms, highlights, etc.).
Then subject the hair to an oil pack, then proceed with the delicate cleansing of the scalp, and finally continue the treatment with washings that require a single pass of shampoo.


Although trimming your hair regularly can be a remedy for remove split ends , you need to follow some precautions to take care of the hair and maintain a strong structure.

For example:

  • proper nutrition helps strengthen fine or thin hair making it less vulnerable to split ends;
  • giving up smoking contributes to not introducing toxins into circulation which are also assimilated by the hair bulb, with deleterious effects on the keratinization process;
  • the application of specific products for split ends , such as a moisturizing shampoo, Keratin treatments or, again, Nourishing Masks , helps to close the scales, to fight brittle hair, improving the quality of the hair itself.

In this sense, prevention consists of a lifestyle that promotes hair health and keeps hair away danger of split ends , with positive effects especially on those with weak, dry or frizzy hair, due to their constitution.

Not only.

It is also necessary to pay attention to all those practices that we carry out every day when we take care of our hair, such as:

  • drying : avoid too high temperatures and stay 25-30 cm from the head;
  • styling : frequent use of straighteners and irons is not recommended;
  • hairstyles : when you collect your hair, it is undoubtedly better to use soft rubber bands;
  • combing : always choose soft hair brushes and combs that help untangle the hair without breaking the hair;

Natural remedies for split ends

Some natural elements help heal split ends thanks to their nourishing and strengthening action.

For example, several may be employed wraps for split ends and brittle hair such as:

  • shea butter masks , to be applied directly on the lengths. Shea butter is a fatty substance that counteracts hair dryness and is effective in restructuring the hair;
  • wrap based on avocado , to be made using the pulp of the fruit, rich in nutrients. The compound is applied on the lengths and split ends;
  • egg wrap , to be applied to all hair. Egg yolk in particular proves to be very effective for treating split ends because, being rich in protein, it helps rebuild the hair fiber;
  • restructuring yoghurt mask , to be distributed evenly over all lengths. Yogurt contains many nourishing and moisturizing substances for hair, and it can also be used together with other ingredients, such as olive oil and linseed oil.

Where these practices do not have the desired effect, it is advisable to resort to more sophisticated and effective Keratin Treatments .

Often, in fact, split ends are not only due to wrong treatments, but are the result of problems affecting the hair formation process.

Locate the causes that make the hair weak is essential to prevent them split ends or further damage to the hair.

This is the product that is specific for split ends, the result is immediate, spray it directly on the ends on both washed and dry hair, and in a few days your ends will thank you.

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