ESTATE, ODIO E AMORE! Goditi il meglio dell'estate avendo cura della salute dei tuoi capelli!

SUMMER, HATE AND LOVE! Enjoy the best of summer by taking care of your hair health!

Summer is par excellence the season of freedom, lightness and well-being.

The hair can be dried in the sun and I take on an even more natural style and nuances!

However, it should not be forgotten that the sun accelerates cellular aging and dehydrates the hair.

However, this is not the only opponent to fight, there are the harmful effects of air conditioning, sand, wind, sweat, salt and chlorine in swimming pools.

Let's see together some useful tricks to face summer with simplicity, at home and at the hairdresser!

Hydrate yourself with specific masks and products to be applied externally, but above all with food, so drink a lot and eat fresh foods, rich in vitamins and mineral salts.

Your hair requires the same attention you give to your skin, so when you're at the beach, after applying your body lotion, remember to apply a spray with UVA filters to your hair.

Orient the choice of this product according to the texture of your hair: the thicker it is, the more it will need a greasy solution.

Conversely, thin hair prefers light biphasic spray solutions, to be shaken and sprayed.

If the length allows it, and the heat requires it, tie up your hair, as long as it is soft and without wires that tear and stress hair that is already in difficulty.

On the beach or by the pool, always remember to take a fresh water shower after each swim, this will prevent salt and chlorine from depositing, weakening and dehydrating the hair.

Inevitably, washing is more frequent in the summer, so choose a delicate shampoo, possibly "after sun", which contains a protection factor .

And always use conditioner, which hydrates and softens, while also helping you get rid of knots!

Opt for brushes and combs with wide teeth, so as not to apply too aggressive pressure on a hair that is weaker in summer and tends to break.


It is a good rule to make moisturizing packs once a week.

During your next salon appointment, ask our staff for advice on a moisturizing and nourishing treatment, it will help your hair to be healthy and shiny.

For wraps to be made at home, Argan, avocado or almond oil is preferred, otherwise the reliable and easily available at home olive oil remains a safe choice, to be used warm and kept in laying for half an hour before a deep wash.


Summer also brings with it the pleasure of drying your hair in a natural style.
The soft waves create a simple and sensual effect.

The aim is to obtain a styling that is there, but not visible, natural and luminous.

Naturalness is a result that must be sought not only in the folds and hairstyles, but also, if not above all, in the colours.

Don't overturn your natural base, but enhance it with reflections and shades .

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