Extension: è vero che rovinano i capelli?

Extensions: do they really damage your hair?

Many women decide to resort to extensions, artificial integrations of human hair or synthetic fibers, to make their hair longer, thicker and therefore more attractive.

Before going to the hairdresser one of the most frequently asked questions is: will my hair get damaged ?

The answer, as in the case of other cosmetic treatments (color, permanent , lightening etc.), is not unique and there are numerous variables which must be taken into consideration.

First you need to consider the texture of your hair.

Applying extensions on too fine or thin hair is, in fact, a complicated operation in which there is the risk of making an incorrect application.

For this reason some hairdressers advise their clients not to carry out extensions when the hair fiber is too weak and compromised .

Secondly, the type of application must be taken into consideration. In fact, there are two types of extensions:

  • the hot made extensions , thanks to the application on the roots of a special keratin-based glue;
  • the cold made extensions , thanks to the use of knots or clips.

hair extensions

Heat extensions are the most durable ones, but they are also the ones that involve a technique that risks most damage our hair .

In fact, an incorrect application of the glue could significantly compromise the resistance of the hair fibre, thus damaging the structure itself of the hair.

The last aspect that needs to be evaluated is also the competence of the hair salon which we decide to turn to.

It is essential to go to professionals in the sector with experience who are able to establish first if our hair can really handle extensions.

What to do if your hair is damaged by extensions?

Sometimes it can happen that one or more of these variables are not taken into consideration with the consequent result of a ruined hair .

Our hair, in these cases, is weak, with a tendency to break or, in the most serious cases, to fall out.

When we find ourselves in these situations it is important, above all, not to underestimate the problem and avoid undergoing new "risky" cosmetic treatments (dyes, perms, etc.).

With already damaged hair, in fact, we risk seriously compromising the health of our hair.

To counteract the damage that the hair has suffered during the application of the extensions and to give the hair shafts a new vitality , I present to you a restorative treatment and products for the hygienic phase.

The treatment allows you to deeply nourish undernourished, thinned and weak hair, also improving the quality of the scalp and hair shaft.

On the other hand, the action of the products for the hygienic phase is aimed at protecting the hair and scalp by giving new hair elasticity , softness And hydration to the hair shafts.

Not only that: by nourishing and moisturizing the hair, this type of product is also able to strengthen, repair and protect it from external aggressions.

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