Vuoi sapere come scegliere il taglio di capelli perfetto in base alla forma del tuo viso? Ecco il segreto

Want to know how to choose the perfect haircut based on your face shape?

It's not easy, 32 years of experience in this sector helps me to always have the best choice to make a radical change, but in this article I will still try to give you some advice to help you arrive at the salon with clearer ideas.

Let's proceed in order, sharpening our eyes and our ingenuity!

How to understand what your face shape is

The operation is very simple!

  1. tie your hair up in a ponytail, so that your face is clearly visible
  2. stand in front of your mirror to look at it very carefully
  3. armed with lipstick in hand
  4. Trace the contours of your face with lipstick on the mirror
  5. reconnect the shape you see in the mirror to one of the basic images I have listed below.

There are also some little tricks to keep in mind: if your ears distract you from the correct perception of your face, for example, cover them with your hands and get help from a friend to trace the profile of your face.

The haircut for the square face

square face

If you have one wide forehead and a prominent jaw , your face is generally square.

You will then have to find the specific cut capable of soften the whole, creating volume at the roots, visually "raising" the upper part of the head and drawing out the contours of the face , returning to the height of the jaw and, in general, producing movement thanks to styling with curls, wavy, layered or with messy and light tufts.

The right way to go, therefore, could be that of long, wavy and subtle cuts .

It is also possible to combine a fringe , but not too long and full: better to stick to something soft and layered or choose the side tuft, which makes the forehead less extended and "shortens" the jaw.

In reverse, short, smooth, symmetrical and geometric cuts should be avoided , as they would focus the gaze on the jaw, which is already important, risking making it appear even more pronounced.

The central line is banned.

The same principle applies to hairstyles, which must be animated by waves and always soft updos that let tufts escape here and there that go beyond the jaw and tone down its harshness. So, no pulled up crops at the nape of the neck.

The haircut for round faces

round face

To rebalance a round face and make it more similar to an oval shape, you need to think about how to make it appear narrower and longer , perhaps smoothing out the round effect of chubby cheeks.

Again, giving volume to the roots is the only way to achieve this effect: green light, therefore, for short bob cuts, which make the eyes appear larger and cheeks stand out, or long, beyond the shoulders , as long as both choices are paraded or asymmetrical, never even, to create verticality.

The parting in the middle helps this optical illusion, as does the side tuft, while the fringe is not recommended, unless it is very short and absolutely not full.

The fold that will help you most to remove your facial features is certainly that move : So NO to super straight or super curly or curly hair, while the hairstyles will have to be animated by rebellious and messy tufts and never close yourself in a chignon or updo that is too severe and too tight .

The haircut for the triangular face

Triangular face

Do you have a wide forehead and a long, pointed chin?

Then your face is triangular or heart shaped!

But, even if this definition might seem delightful to you, you will have to know how to balance the measurements and compensate for the smaller width of the lower part of the face compared to the upper part.

Also in this case, the scaling of the cut will be combined with a medium cut , stopping the line of the cut just below the chin and filling the tips with volume, you will highlight the lower band of your face.

The helmet, therefore, is perfect.

You can make various types of yoke, such as the asymmetrical one which, from the tighter nape, gradually softens, moving towards the face.

If you choose the short cut, however, opt for one that can cover the forehead and cheekbones softly, perhaps enriched by a bangs in tufts, never straight, or a light side tuft , capable of minimizing the forehead and focusing everything on the gaze.

The most suitable fold is the wavy, full and voluminous one , with waves capable of filling the "empty" areas and harmonizing the edges.

Be careful, however, not to overdo it, because too much volume risks making the chin appear even more pointed.

The most suitable updo hairstyle? A messy and slightly rebellious semi-updo without tense or too tight lines, better soft to soften the sharp edges of the face.

The haircut for oval faces

Oval face

An oval shaped face is kind of pass for any cut you have in mind to achieve, then it is a fortune and you have to thank mother nature for this gift she has given you.

If your face has this shape, stop telling yourself “never joy” when something is wrong…

You have one and it's not bad, eh?!

Long, short, classic or trendy: it's just up to your taste and character to choose, given that Mother Nature has already made things a lot easier for you, giving you truly regular contours and, precisely for this reason, versatile.

However, there are limits for you too (yes, as in everything, there is a trick here too.

The secret lies in not giving in to excess : hair that is too long is prohibited, because it overshadows your perfect features, or, on the contrary, hair that is too short, because it doesn't suit you, optically widening the proportions of the jaw.

In fact, they are medium length cuts , possibly wavy, loose and hairline permitting, embellished with a possible fringe, the ones most suitable for you .

You will be able to do it with little effort highlight your gaze, cheekbones and lips , all strong points of feminine charm, and also soften the shape of your chin.

Finally, if you can, don't be intimidated by cuts that favor the volume of the hair, because that is precisely where the key to enhancing the image of an oval face is found.

The haircut to camouflage small facial defects

Nobody is perfect and we know this, but it doesn't mean that you can't look at your particularities with a pinch of imagination and overcome them, appearing equally splendid!

double chin

If, for example, you have the double chin , don't make a fuss about it and be smart, choose a long and layered cut, which lengthens and slims it.

elongated face

On the contrary, if your face And thin and elongated, you will have to highlight the features by creating volume on the sides: a bob or bob will help you in this sense, perhaps accompanied by a wavy or curly movement of the hair, which softens angular features, and the fringe, full and long up to the eyebrows, it will balance the complex of your image, giving the illusion of the oval shape.

A a long face , on the other hand, can be visually shortened by using the fringe, full and long, or the side tuft, without any limitation on the choice of length, even if a cut that is too short, such as a bob, is inadvisable because it would risk "stretching" it further the face.

The crease, however, will look more flattering on you if it is lively, rather than smooth.
The volume on the sides of the face, in fact, will fill it, managing to enhance it in the most suitable way.

hooked nose

And what if I had to have a prominent, aquiline or irregular nose ?

First of all, no to long, straight hair or fringes which would only underline this facial feature.

Yes, however, to intermediate lengths, animated by waves, regular or messy: volume, in fact, once again turns out to be a perfect expedient to draw attention to the hair.

Long hair is allowed only if swept back, allowing it to settle at the sides, highlighting the latter and softening the features overall.

Bobs, straight or layered, will give you liveliness and tone down a nose with a very marked feature.

You can then frame your face with a tuft that is not too prominent, a choice preferable to fringe, unless it is short.

The right haircut for yourself

As you may have noticed, understanding which cut is right for your face is a very delicate issue, linked to the ability to observe and be able to see beyond the image reflected in the mirror.

What can you see?

How do you imagine yourself?

How much are you willing to get involved?

These are questions that seem to go far beyond hair length and this is why, to find the right answers, it is essential to have personalized advice for you.

In our salon we don't just stop at the length of the hair, but we go much further, to bring out, enhance and revolutionize, if necessary.

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Il taglio giusto per il proprio viso è fondamentale..e tu ferruccio per il mio viso sei stato un’artista! Sono cambiata completamente! Dall’espressione alla forma della mia testa..addirittura sembra di avere molti piu capelli! Bravo!💯💯💯

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