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The 90s are back...and they're everywhere!

In music, in fashion, in hairstyle trends... and if that weren't enough, they remind us too: the mythical protagonists of Friends , who in a (lucrative) nostalgia operation, are back with a special TV event.

But what were the 90s like?

For those who weren't there or were too young to remember - or have a short memory - it must be said that the 90s came out of the explosiveness of the 80s, so exaggerated in everything, and from that decade made up of make-up bright, synth, oversized shoulder pads and sequins, have inherited a good dose of lightness.

However, the nineties went in search of a "poorer" and cruder language, which went in contrast with the glossy mainstream ideals, and the grunge he was the spokesman and the inspirer of this sentiment.

In fact, everything was born from music, which contrasted simpler and "dirty" sounds with synthesizers.

Fashion echoed him, creating an iconic style that rebelled against bon ton and standard canons, establishing itself as the "anti-fashion" of the frivolous and cheeky luxury of the 1980s.

This explains the choice of pants and socks with holes, large sweatshirts, ripped jeans, combat boots and Converse All Stars!

The Nineties were above all the years in which people dared to mix, for this next to the grunge pop and colorful choices, such as those of the Spice Girls, also had space in the limelight.

Today the fashion of those years returns in the choice of denim and leather, extra large sweatshirts, slip dresses, plaid shirts, dungarees and high-waisted jeans. 

Space also for accessories, such as the rounded headband and the colored clips (Chiara Ferragni has already given her approval as a fashion icon).

And the hair?

The 90s cut par excellence was that of Rachel (the character played in Friends by Jennifer Aniston), which is once again in great demand.

But of course we can't forget the fringe by Brenda Walsh (star of Beverly Hills 90210 ).

As for i long hair , the trend, back in the news, was to wear them with the parting in the middle (just think of Liv Tyler in I dance alone or, returning to music, to Alanis Morisette).

Among the short cuts of the time, the pixie cut , like the one sported by the then very young Demi Moore, Winona Ryder and Gwyneth Paltrow in the film Sliding Doors .

How are you going to repurpose the 90s on yourself?

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