Hai i Capelli Deboli e Sfibrati che purtroppo si spezzano facilmente? Ecco la spiegazione

Do you have weak and brittle hair that unfortunately breaks easily? Here is the explanation

THE brittle hair they are weak and dull hair that often show a deterioration of the shaft visible to the naked eye.

They are therefore damaged hair, really ruined to quote a term often referred to by people concerned about this problem that afflicts many people who tend to have hair length that goes beyond the shoulders.

brittle hair

Damaged hair, here are the causes

The root causes of brittle hair can be of different nature:

  • internal causes : improper nutrition, psychological stress, hormonal disorders, etc .;
  • external causes : excessive exposure to the sun, air pollution, too aggressive and repeated cosmetic treatments, using plates, etc.

Obviously these factors can intervene together, and sometimes they are unavoidable, as unfortunately in the case of pollution.

In addition, we must take into account the genetic differences that make some people's hair weaker than others.

Fine hair, therefore less strong and resistant, tends to become brittle more easily, because it has a much more fragile keratin structure.

For their part, however, dry hair, deprived for example of the lubricating and protective action of the sebum, is more easily damaged by external agents and consequently is necessarily brittle hair.

Even the famous "split ends" they can be considered a type of brittle hair whose stem deterioration is manifested by a split in their terminal part (the ends).

Physiological analysis of brittle hair

To understand how the hair deterioration process takes place, it is necessary to examine its structure.

The horizontal section of a hair shows its composition in three concentric layers: medulla, cortex and cuticle.

There cuticle , the outermost layer, is made up of keratin flakes superimposed like roof tiles, forming a compact and resistant armor that serves to protect the hair from external chemical and environmental agents.

In the brittle hair , analyzed under a microscope, the cuticle is absent.

Without this external protective layer, the hair becomes thinner, becoming more fragile, facilitating the deterioration of the keratin structure (compact microfilaments) that makes up the cortex.

In these conditions, any aggressive cosmetic treatment damages the cohesion and compactness of the cortex, making the hair brittle and prone to breakage, with a greater risk of falling out.

The brittle hair in man

brittle hair in men

Damaged hair needs special care and precautions to protect it from external causes that could cause it keep hurting them .

It is not enough just to use any shampoo to keep them clean, because very often choosing the wrong detergent can even make the situation worse.

What can cause brittle hair in men?

For example, the intake of steroids by athletes can lead to brittle hair and in fact, as we have seen, hormonal ones are among the causes of weak and brittle hair.

Emotional stress also worsens the condition of our hair, because the production of adrenaline is increased in the body which causes damage to the hair follicle which will produce weaker and brittle hair.

However, there is a solution to intervene on this problem, and it is certainly good to act when you realize that the hair has lost its tone and shine.

So let's see what can be valid remedies for brittle hair.

Broken hair

Remedies for brittle hair

In the presence of the conditions described above, in which the hair becomes brittle manifesting an evident alteration of the stem, it is really important to avoid further stressing the hair with vigorous brushing, chemical treatments, dyes, backcombing, oxygenation, excessive exposure to sunlight, and other aggressive practices.
These treatments are doubly harmful because, in addition to affecting the keratin structure, they deprive the hair shaft of the sulfur amino acids useful for strengthening the hair.

These precautions serve to safeguard the health of the hair when it is already compromised, but they do not represent a cure, given that they do not intervene to eliminate the causes of brittle hair, or with split ends, which instead must be tackled with targeted treatments And specific products .

In the event that, for example, damaged hair is mainly due to emotional stress and psychological factors, it is clear that the best way to solve the problem would be to eliminate the cause, in this case the source of stress.

However, this is often not possible, at least in the short term, therefore intervening professionally with treatments useful to compensate for the state of debilitation to which brittle hair is subject remains the only resource available.

When, on the other hand, i brittle hair are the consequence of a protein-free diet, it is possible to intervene with food supplements to strengthen the hair.

More often, however, weak hair that becomes brittle originates from multiple causes and the use of supplements proves to be an insufficient solution.

The use of more complex treatments to strengthen the hair therefore becomes a more demanding but definitely valid alternative.

Except in cases of exclusive medical competence (thyroid disorders, hormonal problems, etc.), in most cases it is possible to intervene effectively by calibrating a treatment on the specific characteristics of the brittle hair in question, using tailor-made products, taking care to avoid behaviors that endanger hair health.


It is possible to take measures to stem and solve this annoying aesthetic problem if you follow some precautions and a few simple rules, so as to take care of our hair:
  • avoid aggressive dyes and discolorations;
  • dry the hair avoiding high temperatures;
  • resort to specific treatments which, through the application of vials, strengthen the hair and scalp and take care of it for a long time;
  • use delicate keratin-based shampoos that respect the skin, ideal for weak and brittle hair with a tendency to break;
  • perform a scalp massage to stimulate blood microcirculation and thus nourish the follicles, helping them to regenerate healthier hair;

Here is the solution for you:

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