Hai i Capelli Fini? Ecco i rimedi per dare volume e rinforzarli

Do you have fine hair? Here are the remedies to give volume and strengthen them

THE fine hair they are normal hair which, since its birth, appears thinner than the normal thickness or diameter of the capillary shaft, which should be around the 0.07mm (70 microns).

As it is easy to understand, fine hair tends to be weaker and more difficult to manage, as it cancels the effects of normal styling.

Fine and thin hair: is it just the fault of genetics?

The diameter or hair volume depends primarily on genetic factors and varies from individual to individual.

This means that some people are born with fine hair while others are born with thick hair.

The thickness of the hair is an important factor because it affects their appearance and is also an indication of their health.

THE fine hair they are not only less beautiful than the thick ones, but they are also less robust by constitution and therefore more subject to attacks by external and internal agents, in a word more vulnerable.

The hair is composed of three layers called, from the innermost to the outermost, medulla , bark And cuticle .

The layer on which the thickness and shape of the hair largely depends is the cortex, which is the part where keratin is concentrated in the greatest quantity.

In the fine hair the cortex is thin and undersized for individual chemical-biological reasons related to the hair formation process.

A smaller bark makes the hair less full-bodied and more prone to breakage.

Many of the problems related to the hair shaft they have their roots precisely in this constitutive and structural weakness that makes the hair fragile.

In addition to the causes of genetic origin, hair can develop or become fine for numerous other reasons against which it is possible to effectively intervene with targeted treatments.

fine hair

Causes of fine hair

A list of possible causes of fine hair should include:

Age of the subject : as for our entire body, one of the main factors that determines the thickness of the hair is the age of the subject in question: a teenager will have thicker hair than an adult.
This factor is one of the reasons why it is necessary, over the years, to pay more attention to one's hair;

The color of one's hair : different is the color of one's hair, different will be the thickness of one's hair: various analyzes have shown that those with red hair tend to have, globally, thinner hair than individuals with black hair.
Following Gray Hair (white hair) we will have as a result a faster growth and with a thicker diameter, but with a greater sensitivity to deterioration from mechanical treatments (such as perms) or colors due to the absence of melanin (the pigment that determines the color of the hair);

Stress or prolonged psycho-physical tensions : they can trigger the production of excess sebum and greasy hair as well as the production of toxins that hinder the hair formation process.
Taking medicines for autoimmune diseases : it slows down the cell proliferation which gives consistency to the hair, but it can also prevent the correct process of expelling toxins from the skin. In both cases the hair grows fine.
Aggressive beauty treatments : they mainly act on the cuticle (the outer layer) of the hair, often until it is completely consumed:
    1. tints;
    2. permanent;
    3. ironing;
    4. oxygenations;
    5. too intense or prolonged brushing;
    6. plate;
    7. hair dryer too hot and close

  • External atmospheric agents : they damage the hydro-lipid balance of the skin and damage the cuticle making the hair fine and dry:
    1. excess exposure to sunlight;
    2. smog and pollution;
    3. exposure to sea water (salt);
    4. exposure to swimming pool water (chlorine).

  • Chemotherapy : blocks the activity of the dermal papilla and the cell proliferation process; hair that does not fall out loses volume, becomes thinner and weaker.

Fine hair: blemishes and thinning

From an aesthetic point of view it must be said that fine hair is more sensitive than thick hair to static electricity which easily makes it more messy and disheveled; moreover they are more difficult to comb and much less versatile in terms of the type of hairstyles they lend themselves to.

The problem of thinning hair is not directly related to the lack of volume that distinguishes the fine hair , which is naturally subject to the most common aesthetic problems.

The various types of brittle hair, including split ends for example, develop all the more easily the finer, and therefore weaker, the hair is.

It is also true that when hair grows fine not for genetic causes, but for health problems of the hair skin or the pilosebaceous apparatus, hair loss can be a consequence of those problems and fine hair ends up representing the signal more obvious that something is wrong, a sort of alarm bell.

However even when they don't fall, fine hair seems few and far between ; the blemishes of fine hair, together with the various anomalies of the shaft that can intervene further worsening the overall aesthetic effect, pushes many people to go to specialized centers looking for an effective treatment.

The remedies that are proposed are all the more effective the more professional and avant-garde the centers they address are.

How to strengthen fine hair


Many people then ask themselves how to give volume to fine hair, because due to their structure they are flat and dull, especially if they are straight.

Have little and fine hair , especially in women, can lead to difficulties in managing it: for example, you have more problems finding the right hairstyles, or even combing it is more complicated, because very often fine hair breaks easily.

For strengthen hair For the purposes we need to pay attention to how we treat our hair, which products we choose to take care of it and also, but last but not least, have an eye for nutrition.

So let's see in detail what are the most useful tips and remedies to deal with the problem of fine hair.


For restore volume to fine hair without risking ruining them further, targeted treatments are needed that take into consideration the characteristics of the hair and the subject treated.

For example, nourishing treatments enrich weak hair through antioxidant and detoxifying actions and reactivate the blood microcirculation, so that the hair follicles will be more oxygenated and in better conditions to produce healthy and strong hair.

Stimulating treatments are also useful in this case because, in particular, they strengthen the hair and give it more volume.

In addition, the use of high quality products, with restructuring and enveloping properties based on keratin, are good remedies for strengthening fine hair.

Furthermore, especially in the case of dry as well as fine hair, it is important to use shampoos, conditioners and masks that contain energizing and revitalizing active ingredients to tone the hair at the root, restoring its volume.

Here are some useful tips to get you started take care of fine and thin hair :
  • avoid aggressive and stressful treatments such as perms, extensions or ironing;
  • choose shampoos for fine hair that have a specific formulation capable of giving nourishment and volume to the hair;
  • use moisturizing masks that make hair soft and hydrated;
  • avoid excessive exposure to the sun;
  • avoid bringing the hair dryer too close to the hair during drying;
  • take care of nutrition with a diet in which vitamins and trace elements are not lacking;
  • massage your hair every day with a lavender lotion;
  • make a weekly pack based on nourishing substances such as elastin, collagen and keratin, useful for strengthening fine hair.

There are also gods natural remedies for fine hair , such as olive, linseed and castor oil masks or henna wraps.

These are ingredients that contain substances which, in addition to being very good for the hair and giving it nourishment, are also effective in giving volume to the hair, giving it shine and vigor.

If you want to have a result on your fine hair and get the strength and thickness you've always wanted, then I suggest you read what shampoo from the RECONSTRUCTION line can ONLY do.

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