Il freddo, nemico dei capelli, ecco come proteggerli

The cold, enemy of hair, here's how to protect it

The cold has begun: although there are still some sunny days, the cold is starting to make itself felt and our immune system suffers. 

In addition to adopting the normal precautions to protect us from frost , from sudden changes in temperature and consequently from seasonal ailments, we must not forget about an important part of the body which, too often, remains particularly exposed: the hair .

What to do for avoid damaging the hair during the winter and rather keep them flowing and healthy?

Here are three practical tips:

  • Use a hat and scarf to protect your hair from the cold. Unlike what we read on some sites, wearing a hat does not increase the risk of damage and hair loss, provided the headgear is not too tight (and therefore does not block circulation) and is kept clean.
  • Since the cold tends to dry out the hair, using a nourishing mask is ideal and can help protect it. The important thing is to use delicate or natural products that do not have the opposite effect of weakening the hair.
  • Don't leave the house with wet hair , especially if the air outside is very cold.
  • Avoid using the hair dryer at too high temperatures to dry them. As much as possible, then, it is better to limit the use of the straightener, since straightening the hair causes it progressive loss of elasticity and vitality.

So there isn't much to do about protection from the cold but simply having these few precautions and the hair and skin will be protected.

My advice is to use, as I said previously, a Nourishing Moisturizing Mask, it's not heavy, it's based on Aloe Vera and in 1 minute of application your hair will be nourished and protected.

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