It has happened to all women at least once in their life to wear a bob (also called: " bob ")!

It's about an iconic cut, which has a very long history and despite the passing of the ages it has always remained on the crest of the wave , reinventing itself and reinventing women!

For this reason we have decided to pay particular attention to the rediscovery of the meaning and expressive possibilities of a style that has defined real revolutions.

The bob was born in Paris in 1909 , perhaps inspired by the combative style of Joan of Arc.

It immediately became a symbol of female emancipation, both in Europe and in the United States, allowing women to free themselves from the obligation to wear long hair, which has always been considered an untouchable expression of femininity.

This novelty, proudly sported by the divas of the time, caused a scandal, until it became a trend that was impossible to stop.

We must not forget that these were the years in which women began to work, they needed practical cuts and daily body care rituals adapted to the new rhythms.

At the end of the First World War Coco Chanel took care of giving further prominence to this short . Icon of style and modernity, the designer combined her image with a wavy carré.

We are in the roaring 20s , a time when rebellious young women interpreted the desire for emancipation and the dynamic spirit of the time through lifestyle, wild dancing, short dresses with fringes and feathers... and, of course, with short hair latest fashion!

In the following decades the helmet seemed to disappear from the scene, to return stronger than ever in the 60s .

How can we fail to mention Valentina, the comic created by Guido Crepax? Beautiful and sexy, with an unforgettable and very sensual black bob.

The 60s bob, made famous in England by the model Twiggy and then in Italy by Caterina Caselli, was declined on the taste of that time.

It was a more voluminous variant, compared to the post-war model.

But who took the bob to another level of bulkiness and glamor were Marylin Monroe and Jackie Kennedy .

This cut has evolved with each era, somehow becoming the spokesperson for a different femininity, each time in conflict or in continuity with contemporary society.

The cinema thought about it and brought it back into fashion in the 90s , thanks to the hairstyle of Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, but also that of Cameron Diaz in There's Something About Mary.

Arrived to the present day, the bob has dominated the scene for several years, thanks to the possibility of adapting to different face shapes, based on small tricks and variations.

Any names of star lovers of this cut?

Hailey Baldwin, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, Victoria Beckham, Anna Wintour and Kaia Berger. To name just a few!

Straight or scaled, short below the ear or long up to the shoulders, the bob lends itself to enhancing women based on their characteristics and uniqueness and is suitable for all ages!

Cutting short bob it is preferable if done on straight hair whose lengths reach about below the ears or cheeks at the most.

Elegant and refined, it particularly suits oval and regular faces as it enhances their shape.

The medium bob see lengths usually reach the chin or neck. Symmetrical or longer on the front, it also flatters a round face.

The long bob (or lob) is the long bob. Sleek, smooth or wavy, it usually reaches the base of the neck or shoulders, enhancing the oval, triangular or rectangular face.

What will be the most suitable helmet for you?

To find out, contact the Rockstar Hairdresser staff!

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