Like every summer, the time always comes to take practical care of your hair in such a beautiful season, but also so full of "threats" to the health of your hair.

In fact, in summer the UVA and UVB rays penetrate the cortex of the hair, reducing its elasticity and causing it to break more easily. For this reason, at this time of year, you notice that your hair becomes frayed, stringy and dull.

The solution is give nourishment to hair and in our salon we give you the opportunity to buy everything you need is enclosed in the SummerBox .

In limited edition you will find the 3 musts for your summer:

  • Shampoo Moisturize to counteract the dehydrating action of the sun, nourish the hair and protect it (especially if coloured)
  • Mask Moisturize to deeply moisturize and regulate hair, restoring its natural softness and vitality.
  • Oil hydrate there oil (without rinsing) to protect hair from UV rays and detangle it easily. Suitable for both dry and wet hair!

all this for only €90 instead of €140

... moreover, in addition to the box set you will also find a Good FREE for the Fold, but only for the first 10 customers who will purchase it.

If you want to grab this SummerBox you must call me on 33899494497

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Questi prodotti sono il top ….veramente unici , non potrei vivere senza i prodotti idratare 😍

Prandini Rossella

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