Scopri la frangia giusta per te? Abbina la frangia alla forma del tuo viso e alla tua personalità

Discover the right fringe for you? Match bangs to your face shape and personality

If you have a bad memory of your bangs phase, it's probably due to the fact that the bangs you wore didn't fit the shape of your face!

If you have decided to try again, start with the right choice for you.

This post is written to help you understand which fringe is best for you,
because as well as haircuts, even fringes can vary and give a different personality to your look.

The basic rule of choosing the perfect bangs is to choose a style that highlights your strengths and creates the illusion of a perfectly oval face.

We have divided the different face shapes into 4 general categories: oval, square, round and heart.

OVAL FACE : In this case your face is probably slightly longer than it is wide and your cheekbones are the widest part of your face.

The jaw and forehead are also rounded and there are no sharp angles.

To give you an idea think of Jessica Alba and Bella Hadid as reference points!

There's not much to add... any type of fringe looks good on this face!

SQUARE FACE : This face is characterized by a square jawline, which means that the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are of equal width.

A classic example of a square face is that of the beautiful Angelina Jolie.

The rule for choosing the fringe in this case is to focus on soft shapes that harmonize the angular lines of the face.

Whether you want front or side bangs, it's important that it looks subtle and light.

ROUND FACE : it has minimal edges and the cheekbones are the widest part of the face.

Singer Selena Gomez or model Miranda Kerr are examples of a round face.

In this case we advise you to opt for a fringe that lengthens the face, such as the side fringe.

: If you have a heart shaped face, you probably have a pointed chin and a broad forehead, just like the shape of a heart.

The forehead and cheekbones are often the widest part of the face and the jawline is the narrowest part.

Kim Kardashian has this kind of face.

In this case try to balance the forehead and chin with a curtain fringe at the height of the jaw, in order to give width to the chin, which in this case is the narrowest part of the face.

But the choice of bangs is not limited to matching the shape of the face, the bangs must match your personality too!

If your style is simple and bohemian opt for a long and soft fringe,
if, on the other hand, you are the bold and slightly eccentric type, the micro-fringe is perfect for you.

If you love to get noticed and be glamorous, the full and arched fringe will put you at the center of the scene!

The secret to feeling beautiful is having a look that represents you.

Whether you're rock or classic, masculine or feminine, the right fringe will be able to perfectly tell who you are.

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