There is a lot of talk about how much and when to wash your hair.

Some say they should be washed every day and those who say once a week. The debate seems endless.

Let's clarify.

The truth is that there is no absolute answer, it all depends on your hair type and lifestyle.

Do you have fine or thick hair?

Straight, wavy or curly?

Weak and damaged or strong and healthy?

Very often people complain that their hair is always dirty, but the problem is not the frequency of washing, but the choice of unsuitable products.

Moreover, the characteristics (and needs) of the hair change according to the season, the climate, the levels of stress, health .

Monitor these changes to take better care of your hair.

Do you have fine hair? 

Hair tends to be more greasy, so the advice is to wash it daily or at least every two days.

The important thing is to use quality products and wash and dry them properly 

Do you have thick hair? 

In this case they certainly get less dirty and indeed, with too many washes they tend to dry out.

However, you need to wash your hair regularly to remove impurities and product residue.

The scalp, in fact, is skin and dirt and dead cells can clog hair follicles.

Do you have normal hair? 

Wash them every two or three days.

Do you have greasy hair?

 In this case, you should wash them every day to prevent oil buildup.

Do you have dry or damaged hair? 

Shampoo every five to seven days.

What happens if you do a few washes? 

Not washing your scalp often leads to the buildup of excess oils, dirt, pollution, and dead skin cells that cause irritation and dandruff.

If the scalp is healthy, the hair grows longer and longer, is strong and healthy.

Not washing them, yielding to false myths, can cause problems of dryness, knots and even hair loss.

What happens if you do too many washes? 

It will surprise you to know that it is not the cleaning process itself that damages the hair, but the post-wash treatments.

In fact, wet hair is particularly weak.

This means that even just combing, tying or drying them stresses them excessively.

If you want to talk to an expert who can advise you on the correct products and habits for the health of your hair,

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Ciao ferruccio in effetti ciò che è scritto è vero..usavo prodotti non idonei per i miei capelli ed erano grassi nonostante il lavaggio quotidiano..usando i tuoi prodotti si stanno trasformando e sono soddisfatta perche riesco pure ad ottenere la piega che piace a me! Complimenti e a presto!

Maria gabriella

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