Sai come fare lo shampoo perfetto?... scopri i trucchi

Do you know how to make the perfect shampoo?... discover the tricks

Washing your hair is such a habitual gesture that we are all now super experts.

Or maybe not?

If already the day after washing yours hair is weighed down, probably even to be washed again you don't wash them properly .

In fact, hair should be washed two to three times a week: if your shampoos are more frequent, try to follow our advice for one perfect shampoo , we bet you will thank us!

The most important part of any good wash is shampoo in the best way: this is the fundamental step of the routine because it responds to many different purposes, cleansing the hair from smog and particles that are deposited there every day and nourishing it at the same time.

Therefore, if you have done this step well, the rest will be downhill: whether you apply a conditioner, a mask or a serum, according to your specific needs, it will only be about enriching the hair with the nutrients it needs.

How to make the perfect shampoo: 4 rules to respect

Making the perfect shampoo is a matter of quantity

The right amount of shampoo to use certainly depends on the mass of hair to be treated , but the dose used must never be exaggerated.

Don't pour the shampoo directly on your hair, but put some on it small dose on the palm of your hand , let's say the size of a 50 cent coin: you will thus be aware of how much you are using, but above all change the way you apply it.

Having the shampoo in hand allows you to emulsify it with water and to apply small doses with your fingers starting from oilier areas of the scalp .

1 - 4 areas of the head to watch out for

To make a shampoo that cleanses really well, there are 4 areas to wash more carefully than the others: the area around the forehead, behind the ears, the crown of the head and finally the nape of the neck .

These small areas are the richest in sebum and impurities, as well as being the most visible: if you often wear, for example, a ponytail, your forehead is in the foreground and you immediately notice if your hair is dirty, so as not to then talk about fringe , cross and delight for all of us.

2 - Is it better just one shampoo or two?

Many of us shampoo our hair two steps , but is it really the best solution?

It can be useful if we once have i particularly dirty hair , perhaps after a walk in the mountains or a jog in the city, but as a routine it's not good : the second shampoo only foams more than the first, risking taking away too much sebum from our skin, making the hair lose its natural brilliance.

So remember: just one shampoo is more than enough , massage the scalp well and don't be hasty , you will see that the hair will be very clean.

3 - Massage and rinse thoroughly

As we said before, during the wash massage the scalp it is very important: start from the outside and slowly move towards the inside upward circular movements with fingertips; in fact, in order not to irritate the skin, one must not use too much energy, but act gently .

Another very important step is rinsing: use lukewarm water, even better cold water, and plenty of it; no residue should remain of shampoo on the scalp.

4 - How to choose the perfect shampoo for us?

We know how the perfect shampoo for our customers is a delicate matter,

There continuous search for quality on a professional level it is one of the central points of our philosophy: who better than us then could create a truly effective shampoo?

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We would love for you to give us feedback after trying the right shampoo for you: we have instilled all our knowledge into the products, but there is always room for improvement and to do so, our customers' advice is more than welcome.

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