The haircut tells your personality, but it must be chosen in order to enhance your strengths and create seductive harmonies.

Let's see together how to make the right choice!

Do you want to renew your hair look but don't know how to choose the right cut?

Before you panic or have an unbridled desire to experiment, our suggestion is to study the shape of the face well, to enhance its features and create the right harmony .

Your strengths and face proportions must be carefully analysed, in order to make the choice that best enhances you.

In today's post you will find some indications to guide you in choosing the most suitable cut for you.

Do you have an oval face? 

In this case the face has a delicate and not particularly pronounced chin and cheekbones.

It's a proportionate face that allows you to experiment with different styling solutions, from short cuts to long hair, with or without bangs.

The choice will therefore be guided by the desire to enhance one aspect rather than another and above all to indulge your mood and your style.

Do you have a square face?

In this case, the proportions will be more or less similar to those of the oval face, but with much more marked features.

We advise you to smooth out the strokes with medium or long cuts, possibly scaled; because geometries that are too sharp would emphasize the squares.

If you prefer to adopt a vaguely androgynous image, the short cut, very fashionable this year, will allow you to play with your appearance.

Do you have a round face? 

It means that there are no angularities because the chin is rounded, the forehead is wide and the full cheeks hide cheekbones and jaws.

The advice is to wear long hair from the shoulders down, layered or pulled at cheek height and designed to concentrate the volume at the root, even if the parting is done to the side.

Avoid full fringes and instead choose side tufts, long and light.

If, on the other hand, you prefer short cuts, the pixie cut is ideal, which with the line and the side tuft can give momentum to the face.

Do you have a rectangular face?

It is the typical face that develops in length, the forehead is probably high and often the nose is more pronounced.

Green light therefore to long and full-bodied fringes, oriented towards medium cuts or long hair, as long as the volume remains concentrated at the height of the cheekbones, to create the impression that the face "expands".

Otherwise you would get a greater (unwanted) emphasis on natural verticality.

Do you have a triangular face?

The mission here is to create movement and lightness, so clean and geometric cuts are banned!

The best cuts for you are the layered ones, which create a movement that can soften the lines of the face, while maintaining volume at the root.

Hair that is too long will only emphasize the pronounced jawline, so choose a medium-short length and possibly a messy fringe that reaches the eyebrows.

Do you have a heart face?

It means that you have an "inverted" triangle, i.e. a pointed chin, a broad forehead and pronounced cheekbones.

The most suitable cuts are the medium-long ones that frame the face and chin.

Also in this case the idea is to remove volume from the roots and create it at the height of the cheekbones, perhaps with a rather full side tuft.

Caution for short cuts!

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