ELIXIR Lamination Deluxe


Price: €250

The first technique that creates the mirror effect on natural, colored and lightened straight hair.

Let's face it: having shiny and shiny hair is every woman's dream.

As we managed to create a new technique that makes the hair "mirrored" and full of light reflections.

We are talking about the ELIXIR LAMINATION DELUXE treatment.

In America hair lamination is spreading like wildfire which – more or less – is based on the same principles as that for eyebrows.

This technique has the power to make the hair shiny, full of reflections and looking very healthy.

To create ad hoc mirror-effect hair, we will coat with a mix of products including gelatin, oils and keratin, leaving the mixture in place for some time.

At the end of this process, just like for the keratin treatment, the hair will be dried and the scales will be sealed, thanks to the heat, preserving the essential proteins in the repair processes of roots and stems.


Unlike keratin, ELIXIR LAMINATION DELUXE is gentler on the hair and does not penetrate the hair structure, but merely creates an external film, giving the hair this mirror, bright and healthy effect.

It's not just a question of "illuminating the hair", but above all of making it stronger and healthier both to the touch and to the eye.

An extra help that it guarantees softness and shine, but also a strengthening action from within .

That's why the ELIXIR LAMINATION DELUXE is ideal for those with brittle and damaged hair.

The purpose is to seal the cuticles, promoting hydration and total restructuring of the stem .

In addition to creating a "mirror" effect that allows you to reflect the light and enhance the color of the hair, especially the richest and fullest nuances.

Hair lamination: what it is and what the treatment consists of

In fact, on the crown a mix of ELIXIR LAMINATION DELUXE products is used with the help of heat, thanks to the infrared quartz thermostimulator and the Corrale Dyson straightener.

In addition to enhancing the color, in fact, the CRINIHAIR DELUXE LAMINATION improves the appearance of the hair, protecting it from humidity .

And from damage caused by oxidation, mechanical stress and pollution.

Undoubtedly, the most obvious benefit on the hair is the shine and body to the touch.

In fact, thanks to deep hydration, the appearance of the hair is brighter, more disciplined and stronger.

Indeed, it is the hair fiber itself that is restructured and fortified.